In 1999, Zander sat enthralled on the floor of his parents’ Yorkshire home, as his father picked the opening line from Wish You Were Here on an old Yamaha guitar. It was a feat he thought would be nearly impossible to replicate, but the spark was lit in Zander’s imagination.

Now living 10,000 miles away in Australia’s Sunshine State, Zander Rhodes is an electrifying solo artist making waves in the East Coast indie folk scene. Inspired by the beautiful country surrounding him, his music ‘sparks a feeling of nostalgia and longing, romanticising movement, travel and love on the road’ (Happy Mag). Zander’s debut EP, ‘Whiny Folk Songs’ (2019) was hailed as ‘a masterclass in songwriting’ (Luke Saunders), drawing comparisons to local contemporaries Kyle LionhartZiggy Alberts, and Tay Oskee.

Engineered by Mike Butler (Norah Jones, Ray LaMontagne, and Phoebe Bridgers), Zander’s second EP, ‘The Great Unknown’, emblazons his signature ‘quality folk’ with fresh ‘surf-pop melodies’ (Scenestr). Marking his first release of the year on 15 January 2021, ‘Daydreaming’ tells the story of Zander’s personal journey exploring the East Coast of Australia with his girlfriend. Unconventionally honest and realistic, this irresistible love song charts the tension between the inevitable grind of a 9-5 job and Zander’s insatiable appetite for travel.

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